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June 7, 2010 / gracelesswonder

Starting Out

     I like to write, I like to cook… therefore I should blog. Right? Well, whether I should be blogging or not remains to be seen. I’ve been reading a lot of really cool ones lately, and to be honest it’s made me want to throw in my two cents.

Hopefully soon I can figure out how to do all that fancy stuff, like link to those really cool blogs. As of right now, I’m doing well with getting signed up and typing.

So yeah. I like to write, like to cook. I’m a novice at both. I’m a ‘read the directions (or back of the box) then start improvising half way through’ kinda girl.  I come from a good ol’ Southern family, and thats how I tend to cook. I grew up picking through dried bags of pintos and crawling through my Daddy’s garden to get the low  hanging ‘maters before the critters got to them.

Now that I’m a grown up (at least by legal standards!) I don’t have time or patience for the all day preparations that went into some of those meals. Some days I’m doing good to get a frozen pizza in the oven.

I’m 32 (holy #@&!), married to a picky eater, work full time, and go to school part time. No kids, too many cats (its a long story) and…  

We just bought a house!

The kitchen’s not as big as I had hoped, but we’ve got a dishwasher (meaning, not me) and it’s mine all mine! I’ve got so many ideas for things I want to try.

I’ve never made a pancake…. much less a crepe. I want to try scones and compotes and lambchops and broccoli rabe. I have a ton of cookbooks, and so many of those recipes sound a little ambitious, but I’d like to give them a shot anyway. I want to learn how to make the perfect margarita, and to throw a great party.

First things first, setting up the kitchen.  We painted it a warm brown called “Sumatra Blend”. Doesn’t that sound yummy? 

Painting, btw, is a total pain in the arse.

So, here are a couple really crappy before and after pics taken with my blackberry.



We aren’t done moving yet… hopefully this weekend.  Having all my stuff dispersed between two places is driving me mad. Once that’s done, I’d like to start experimenting. First up (I think) will be some recipes from How To Be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson. Namely, the Hazelnut Chocolate cake.  Although I think that woman could make a barbequed flip-flop look divine.


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