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September 20, 2010 / gracelesswonder

Random Blabberings…

First of all, I really suck at this whole blog thing. 10,000 times a day I think Hey, I should blog on that… or how would I explain this in my blog ….or better yet, I start making something with the intentions of blogging about the process. I take the group shot of all the ingredients artfully (hahahahaha) arranged, moving the food around for the best light in the process photos (BTW. When your camera is a blackberry, there is no “good” light).

Somewhere along the line, I become so engrossed in the cooking that I forget the photos, and it’s only when the last smudge is being licked from the pan that I remember. Crap! How can I blog about this if you can’t see what the final product is?

Consequently, my phone is full of pictures of ingredients, bowls of batter, and questionable concotions. My husband was browsing through it the other day, and midway through he stopped and gave me the “WTF?” look, and just put the phone down.

So what have I made? Well…….. I made this lasagna World's Best Lasagna Recipe from It was really good, but I think next time I’ll double the ricotta mixture. 

For the same dinner, I also made this chocolate cake which was really freakin good. I added one of those single serve instant coffee packs to a Tbsp of hot water, and stirred it into the batter. You couldn’t really taste the coffee, but I think it added a real depth to the chocolate. I topped it w/ a drizzle of chocolate glaze. Too Much Chocolate Cake Recipe

That would be the one I’m referring to when I say I forgot about the final pictures until the last of the crumbs were being swabbed from the cake plate. 

I’ve also made a Chicken Bacon Pasta. It involved cream cheese, and bacon. Need I say more? And I tried Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce from the Pioneer Woman’s website.

BTW. Ree Drummond is my new hero. She’s hilarious. She makes me feel like I could pull up a stool and tell her my problems over a big piece of cake. Her recipes are all across the board. She’s got super simple stuff involved cans of condensed soup – and stuff that involves…… well….not condensed soup.

She just seems like a really cool chick.

While I haven’t posted much about what I’ve made… I’ve been reading food blogs religiously. I’d put up a blog roll thingy, but I’m still figuring out how to link to other sites. I have no idea what all this mumbo jumbo is to the left and right means. What the hell is a widget anyway? What’s teh difference between a tag and a category? Who’s ping and why is he on my back???

Anyway… so I’m going to attempt to do a little more of actual blogging about food I make. And I’ll attempt to take pics of the final product. Or at least the remaining smudges.


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  1. gracelesswonder / Sep 20 2010 1:09 pm

    wow – I didn’t know it would do that whole site preview thing! Cool! 😀

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