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October 6, 2010 / gracelesswonder

gettin all fancy

Has there ever been something that just sounded too….fancy or complicated?  For no other reason than it just felt that way?

That is how I felt about the poached egg. I don’t know why I got it in my head like that. Hell, before tonight, I’d never even had a poached egg. I hear about them on various cooking shows – on top of a salad or something. It always sounded so….. fancy. Poaching the egg in it’s poaching liquid…..  la dee freakin-da.

Before tonight, I never really had the urge to even try a poached egg. And then, for some unknown reason, I decided that not only did I want to try a poached egg…. I was going to poach one of those little ovids myself.

I was totally prepared for failure. Then, for some reason, it dawned on me. What am I so scared of? Why is this a big deal? You’re basically boiling an egg for crying out loud.

So I prepared my poaching liquid (aka, boiled some water, poured in a little vinegar, and turned the heat back down till it was simmering), cracked a couple eggs into a little bowl, and slid those puppies in.

then I burned my toast… but that’s a different story

So, it was a little weird, watching some of the white stuff float off like little egg wraiths. And I had no idea how long to cook ’em for.

So when the white part looked fairly solid, I attempted to pull them out w/ the slotted spoon. That was kind of a mess… but for the first time and not knowing what I was doing, I’ll call it a moderate success.

The yolks didn’t break (well, one did – but it made it to the plate first, so it doesn’t count), and while it didn’t look very pretty, it tasted decent.

So what did I learn from this little experiment?

  • I like poached eggs
  • I should probably put the eggs in one at a time
  • I should maybe let them cook a little longer
  • I should drain them on a paper towel prior to putting them on the plate (failed to do this – made my toast a little soggy (which it probably needed anyway))
  • don’t burn the freaking toast.

I think the whole poaching thing might actually be easier than attempting to fry eggs over medium, and you’re not using oil or butter to keep them from sticking. I’ll be damned!

BTW – didn’t take before or during pics – but I did take after! Now if I can only manage to put the whole process together!

Here’s the eggy water. I’m thinking maybe the heat could’ve been lower and I wouldn’t have had as much seperate. Or maybe more vinegar?

And here are the eggs on my plate. On my burned toast. Ok, not a gorgeous picture. Probably looks a little gross…. but it tasted good!


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