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November 11, 2010 / gracelesswonder

little accomplishments

Feeling pretty accomplished so far… yesterday I went to the groc store and got some healthy grub. Light english muffins, laughing cow cheese, soups, etc. While the quesadilla’s weren’t so healthy, I did drink water w/ my meal and I didn’t clean my plate. Do need to work on the portion sizes, though. 😦

The big accomplishment? I premade the spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight. So when I get home I can just plop in back in the crock pot and warm it up…. and I used ground turkey and turkey sausage. I’ve got some whole wheat pasta to go w/ it, and salad w/ light balsamic vinaigrette.

I’ve also got to work my part time jig tonight, so I won’t have time to munch when I get home.

During the week isn’t so bad… if it’s just me and I have limited time, I can usually make decent choices. The weekend’s, however….. now that’s a sad, sad story.

It’s all my husband’s fault! 😀

It’s not…. but it is. Not his directly, but it’s a comfort thing. We’re happy, we’re comfortable…. and eating makes us happy and comfortable. So we eat – and generally the wrong thing. I’ll make a big breakfast, we’ll laze around….. and that’s about it. Then we’ll go out to dinner and make less than healthy choices while we’re out.

I’m not going to get bent out of shape over that right now. Back on WW, I would obsess over where we’re going, and how many points it was, and if I ate this then I couldn’t eat that. It was so exhausting… and that’s why I think I failed at it.

So nope, I’m going to try to make smart choices through the rest of the week. I’m going to try to make smarter choices this weekend. I’m going to deal w/ each meal as it comes, and each day as it comes.

Today’s going well so far. I avoided coffee cake at a breakfast meeting, and I’m eating a healthy and filling lunch. Dinner is made, and I’m buying a scale today.

<insert Jaws music>

Yes, the scale. Satan’s favorite tool. He keeps it next to the pitchfork. Our old one died, and I think I was a little relieved to not be able to weigh in. Which inevitably turned into permission to eat whatever I wanted.

So I’m getting the scale today during my lunch hour. I need to be accountable, and I need to track my progress.

There will be progress? Right?


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