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November 14, 2010 / gracelesswonder

New Scale

When I went to Walmart to get a scale, my criteria were pretty basic.

  1. A digital screen
  2. go above 350 lbs
  3. work

Apparently there’s not much in middle of the road kind of scales. There’s the one w/ the dial on it, that bounces back and forth if you breathe, and there’s the high-tech fancy stuff.

So in order to meet my criteria, I ended up w/ a scale that shows not only my weight – but the date and time, can be programmed for 4 users, track your weight loss and calculate how much you have till you reach your goal, track your BMI, your bone density, your hydration level, and I think  it balances the checkbook.

I tried to program all that crap in but when I step on the scale, I can barely remember what all the numbers mean – much less what the number should be. There’s like 3 different screens it goes through!

I’m mainly interested in the weight (duh), the BMI, and I guess the hydration level. I think it said like 22 something. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Sounds like a job for Google.

I’d like to put some sort of graph on here to chart my weightloss. Dorky, I know. I also know that given my technical abilities, it’s probably not going to happen regardless.

Anyway, back to the scale. According to “The Scale” my starting weight is 293.2. (yowza!) Friday’s are going to be my’ official’ weigh in days (to hopefully allow me recovery time from the multitude of sins on the weekend),  although I’m sure I’ll have a couple progress checks throughout the week. Going to try and limit those – stepping on the scale every day is the road to madness!

Plans for today? Um, try not to eat every cheese covered thing in sight. Starting off w/ some coffee (see! no cheese!) I guess we’ll see from there!



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  1. thebettylife / Nov 14 2010 11:24 am

    Good luck with your weight loss goals! 🙂 Day one is the best place to start

    • gracelesswonder / Nov 15 2010 10:23 am

      Hey! Thanks for the comment! I’m a little embaressed someone read this drivel…. but I guess that’s the point of a blog, eh? Anyway, thanks again! BTW, love your site. Some of your recipes look delicious!

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