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November 16, 2010 / gracelesswonder

Meal Tracker 11/15/2010


  • Nutrigrain bar
  • coffee


  • turkey on deli flat w/ light laughing cow cheese
  • tomato soup


  • chicken pita snack from Jack-In-The-Box (which was not very snack sized)
  • 3 1/2 grilled chicken tenders from Jack-In-The-Box


  • TGIFriday’s 3 Course meal for $12.99: Fried Potstickers, Santa Fe Chopped Salad, and Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

Thoughts On The Day

UGH! I am sucking at this!

  • I don’t know why I thought the pita snack thing at JITB would be small and somewhat healthy. It wasn’t that small, and had cheese and some sort of sauce. Good – but not good for you. Next time, nix the cheese and sauce
  • If I was going to get the pita snack, why’d I opt for the grilled chicken tenders, too? They were big (even big for ‘strips’) and not all that great. So why’d I eat most of it?
  • When we decided to go out to dinner when I got off work, why’d I go for the 3 course meal? Lord knows I didn’t need it. Should’ve just gone w/ a salad!

Getting kind of discouraged. Do so well during the day and f__ it all up at night. Tomorrow’s another day, right?


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