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November 29, 2010 / gracelesswonder

Thankful – and thankful it’s over!


‘scuse me while I sit down and catch my breath!  it’s been a looooooong couple weeks, and I barely know if I’m coming or going by now.

The insanity started two weeks ago when my mother in law came in for a visit, and didn’t give us much notice. So of course a marathon house cleaning session began immedietly after I got home from work and lasted till about 2am. She stayed for a couple days, and then it was time to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Ah, Thanksgiving.

Since we bought the house, and therefore have more space, we have become the hub for family gatherings. Generally, I don’t mind. I love to cook and I love to host (so long as people go home afterward).

After this fiasco, I’ve officially had enough.

I cooked and cleaned for 2 days straight. I spent a shitload of money at the grocery store. Let me run down everything I made:

  • pumkin dip
  • beef and onion dip
  • 25 lb turkey
  • home made stuffing
  • corn pudding
  • mashed potatoes
  • baked apples
  • deviled eggs
  • choc pecan pies
  • pumpkin cheesecake
  • cranberry apple crisp
  • gravy
  • rolls

we had about 12 people planned to come over – and I was banking on some serious leftovers (because face it, that’s the best part!)

If I was a real food blogger, I’d have recipes and process photos to document the occasion. Well, obviously I’m not. But I’ll say that even w/a few glitches everthing came out pretty well (and pretty much the same time!). Everyone was admiring the spread, and getting ready to eat when a  couple friends dropped by to say hello.

And here the drama begins.

Our friends had been there for just a few minutes, when my husband’s Aunt Barb starting complaining and saying “I’m getting ready to go ahead and eat!”

Our friends leave, we all eat like crazy, and as the cleaning up begins Barb breaks out not 1, not 2, no… not even 3 – but 5 (FIVE!) brand new tupperware containers to take home leftovers! She literally carved off the entire 2nd turkey breast and took it home with her. WTF?  Who does that?

Then, the coup de grace. My husband’s cousin (and Barb’s granddaughter) and her boyfriend backed into the neighbor’s mailbox and totally messed it up – and then promptly drove away and didn’t say a word.

As if that isn’t enough, when we couldn’t get in touch w/ Jennifer and the BF Jamey called Barb to see if they were close by (they left at about the same time). Barb’s other grandson answers the phone and says “Is this about the mailbox?” So obviously they knew about it too, and didn’t bother to say anything!

By this point, I was ready to lose my mind. How are you going to come into my home, eat the food I have been working on for days, take half of it home with you – and then not say a flippin WORD when your grandchild hits our neighbor’s mailbox and bails?!

I was so close to telling that whole family to kiss my butt!

I’ll tell you what. We won’t be having Christmas dinner at our house this year! That’s for damn sure!


::Deep breath::

So… now it’s Monday (Cyber Monday?) and it’s over. And I am supremely thankful. I’m thankful we had a good meal. I’m thankful my brother came into town and we could celebrate Thanksgiving together. I’m thankful for our home and our jobs that allowed us to host our family together. I’m thankful that there was enough to eat, and none of us have gone hungry this year. I’ve been very blessed, and I am thankful for everything I have, because I have always had enough.

And I am so Thankful it is over!

And I’m back on the diet this week. I got waaay off track earlier – if I was ever even on. But it’s a new day, a new meal, and a new chance to get it right!


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